Captain is a 17.1hh, 11 yr old, GENTLE,appendix gelding who is safe for the whole family! He is good out on the trail as well as in the arena. He has no bad habits WHAT SO EVER. He is easy to catch, in fact he comes to you and puts his head down for the halter. He is a gentleman on the ground, he will not walk over you, he stops when you do. He will stand for bathing, grooming, clipping and the farrier. CAPTAIN HAS BEEN REDUCED FROM $-$
He stands for mounting and waits for your signal to move out. He neck reins, backs and stops with ease. He knows his leads, side passes and turns on a dime.Captain can be ridden English or Western and would make a great dressage horse or jumper. Would be perfect for a young girl. This guy is level headed and is always the same, whether you ride him once a week or once a month. He is solid, healthy, clean legged, sound and has rock hard feet. Come give this gentle giant a try.